Guiding Principles


Customers are who we work for. We exist only because of our customers.
Our customer’s needs are first and foremost in every employee’s mind.


Quality is our signature. Quality is our ongoing commitment to achieve
excellence and set the standard for product quality and value. Our customers
define quality, expect it and deserve it. We are a client-driven, quality-focused


Service is our character. Service is the back bone of our company. Our
service attitude is focused on customer satisfaction with a total service experience
that goes beyond our customer’s expectations.


We believe in pricing our products and services competitively and fairly.
We compete in the marketplace on the basis of value, which is a quality product,
at the right price, delivered through superior service.


We can count on each other to do our part. Through teamwork we can
accomplish more than we could individually. To accomplish our mission requires
unity, understanding and a commitment to work together. We believe that it is
through value-added partnerships that our combined efforts enable us to achieve
the highest quality results.


We believe in servant leadership where our management responsibilities
are carried out with vision and in accordance with our guiding principles. As
teams and individuals we all add value through our respective job functions to
the products and services we provide.


God is to be glorified. Star Granite & Bronze exists only by the grace and
blessing of God. This corporation was founded on Biblical Christian principles
and as a corporate entity seeks to display Christian-like behavior in all business
dealings. Star Granite & Bronze will be known as a high integrity company.